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2nd Wednesdays | New Developments in Astrophysics: A Lecture by Dr. Jason Kalirai

Dr. Jason Kalirai, astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, will demonstrate that space is still really, really cool!

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Baltimore History Evenings | Karen Kruse Thomas

Karen Kruse Thomas, author of Health and Humanity: A History of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1935—1985, will speak about the history of the world-renowned public health school.

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2nd Wednesdays | Beekeeping and Greek honey tasting: A presentation by beekeeper Robert Stanhope

Robert Stanhope, a professional beekeeper, will speak about the practice of beekeeping and guide attendees through a tasting of Greek honey.

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Baltimore History Evenings | Lauraville v. Morgan College: Fighting Housing Segregation and Jim Crow in Early 20th Century Baltimore

Steven K. Ragsdale, Baltimore historian, and healthcare and education consultant, will speak about the four-year-long legal, legislative, and public relations battle that ensued when Morgan College announced plans, in the early 20th century, to move from a downtown location to a suburban location in a predominantly white neighborhood.

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Baltimore History Evenings | Doctors Stealing Corpses: Grave Robberies in Baltimore

Antero Pietila, author of the forthcoming The Ghost of Johns Hopkins, will speak about the practice of robbing graves in Baltimore for the purpose of supplying cadavers to medical schools for research.  

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Baltimore History Evenings | We Bring Thee Our Laurels Whatever They Be: Student-Led Protest at Morgan State

Simone R. Barrett, researcher at the Robert M. Bell Center for Civil Rights in Education at Morgan State University and adjunct professor of history at Coppin State University, will speak about Baltimore’s student movements in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s that helped spur the national student movement of the 1960s. Her talk will focus on […]

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Baltimore History Evenings | On Middle Ground: The Jews of Baltimore

Deborah R. Weiner, co-author of On Middle Ground: A History of the Jews in Baltimore, will speak about the unique experience of the Jewish population in Baltimore. Living in a border city and immigrant port heavily influenced the experiences of Jews as one of the largest ethnic groups in Baltimore.  

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