Sign up for MOVE Maryland to get socially and physically active!

Posted on Monday, September 14, 2020 by Melissa Howison

Friends who work out together help their community together. How, you ask? By joining the MOVEment! MOVE Maryland is collective effort to support nonprofits across the state, including your favorite neighborhood library in Charles Village. Getting started couldn’t be easier. 

Step 1: Register online and choose the Village Learning Place as your nonprofit. 

Step 2: Raise $200 by the November 7 deadline. Sharing your goal with friends and family, also known as social fundraising, is a great way to raise money! 

Step 3: You’ll receive an access code to participate in 4 fitness classes. 

That’s it! Plus, you’ll feel twice as good after exercising because you did it for a good cause. View on Facebook.