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If seizing opportunity is about being prepared then part of the VLP’s work is to prepare others, and how we’ve been doing that has prepared us to overcome the pandemic’s challenges.

Long-time VLP practices such as LINK family enagagement, staff empowerment, and volunteerism supported a swift and sustained virtual adaptation of our most needed programs and services. LINK Summer ran as scheduled from June 29—August 7 and LINK After School launched on September 14; both virtual for the first time ever. 2nd Wednesdays still takes place monthly (virtual now), and safe events such as the Community Game Swap and Virtual Pie Auction were joyfully received by the community.

We successfully responded to the pandemic because we were prepared. We were prepared because while we work to support the community, generous people give to support us. Please consider giving a gift to help create more opportunities for our staff and leadership to continue delivering the VLP’s mission.

Give to support opportunities for all at the Village Learning Place!

Make the most of your Village Learning Place charitable gift this year. On March 27, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law. It created new opportunities for nonprofit donors to claim tax deductions but you must act by December 31 to receive the benefits. Non-itemized “cash” donations up to $300 can now be claimed as a deduction, and itemized “cash” donations can be deducted to offset 100% of income (previously limited to 60%). This information does not constitute legal advice, please consult a financial advisor for professional assistance. Click the link above to make a donation before the 12/31/2020 deadline.