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Village Vanguard

The Village Vanguard is a new, select group of loyal and committed individuals who share an uncommon vision for the VLP’s great potential for growth.  The name of this new group directly reflects its mission: to serve as the core of advanced philanthropy on behalf of the VLP.

Village Vanguard members support the VLP with an annual tax-deductible gift of $1,000 or more, many through monthly pledges. Participation as a member of the Village Vanguard will make a decided difference in the success of our future growth.

To schedule a tour and learn more about becoming a member of the Village Vanguard, please contact our Executive Director, Liesje Gantert, by email or at 410-235-2210, ext. 202.


Current Village Vanguard Members

Dionne Boler

Greg Bowden

Elizabeth and Charles Bullamore

Kevin L. Carr

Richard and Karen Cook

Robert and Janice Davis

Lenox Dingle

Jan and Gil French

Peggy Greenman

Kris and Mark Gustafson

Dan Gugliuzza and Rebeca Rios

Laurie Hare

John Lessner

Michael Molloy

Debra Mathews and Che Hale

Dave and Maureen Roberts

Val Seaberg

Steph Schreckinger

Sharon Snyder and Matthew Nayden

Sandy Sparks

Jerriann and Donald Wilson

Dinah Winnick and Eli Pousson

Makedo Wisseh

Jeremy Wyatt