Room Rentals

The Village Learning Place is a beautifully restored Victorian brick building. Built in 1896, the library features a high, cathedral-style ceiling and lovingly refinished woodwork and hardwood floors.

This elegant and intimate space is a wonderful venue for small weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and corporate events. Larger events can also make use of the downstairs classrooms and the enclosed garden. Computer lab and meeting space is also available.

Our garden is also a great place to host more casual events like book clubs, dinner parties, or just friendly hangs during the pandemic when gathering indoors is not always safe.

We’re currently offering lower rates for shorter-term rentals (up to two hours) with smaller parties. Please email with an idea of date, time, party size, and other relevant information and we will work with you to try to make it happen.


Wedding Reception, June 2013

Hourly Facility Rental

Up to 3 hours

Over 3 hours

Library (1st floor only)

$100 per hour

$90 per hour

Library (1st floor only) AND Community Garden

$125 per hour

$112.50 per hour

Single Classroom

$50 per hour

$45 per hour

Multiple Classrooms

$75 per hour

$67.50 per hour

Click here for full list of rental rates, party packages, and policies!

To inquire about renting space or to schedule an appointment to view space, email: or call the Village Learning Place at 410-235-2210, ext. 204.