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Community members are invited to use the VLP’s garden and seating area.

Once a derelict parking lot, our beautiful community garden is now a great resource and refuge. Renovating the community garden was not an easy task, but the final results show that all the hard work was worth it. For example, it still feels like just yesterday that a team of pest control experts had to be called in to address a major insect infestation in the former car park. However, now that all the pests have been dealt with, the new garden is unrecognizable. Correspondingly, if you would like to learn more about how to tackle pest infestations, you can find helpful resources online by taking a look at websites such as Alternatively, you could also consider calling out a company to help you deal with this problem. Pests can be a nuisance, so it’s vital that they are removed promptly. Perhaps this ohio trugreen company could be useful for helping people to remove any pests or insects that could be lingering in the backyard.

As you can see from the stunning image above, the finished garden is a beacon of nature and tranquility. The garden is always open to the community during library hours, so visitors can tour the garden, bring in lunch, cut herbs from our raised bed, or just sit and reflect. Many of our cultural and educational programs, including 2nd Wednesdays at the VLP, are held in the garden when weather permits.

The youth garden, along the south wall, and the Dirt Diggers program help to further the VLP mission of promoting lifelong learning. The garden raises students? awareness about plants, food, and life cycles, helping them to engage not just with our neighborhood, but also with their larger, global community.

We have big plans for the garden and despite how much has been done to it to transform it from barren concrete to the nature haven it is now, it’s still very much a work in progress. One possibility is to add lighting along the pathways and in the trees to make it safer and more accessible in the dark (you can read more here about electricians who can install outdoor lighting in your local area). Lighting opens up opportunities for more educational activities to be held at night, teaching the kids about nocturnal creatures and so forth. It also allows the garden to be open for longer during the winter when the days are short, meaning more people in our community can make use out of it.

Ultimately, the garden has been a big success so far. It’s a huge improvement on the parking space that was there before it – hopefully we can attract some wildlife next!

City Students Visit Our Garden, April 2009

A class from Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School tours the garden during National Library Week.