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The Village Learning Place provides free access to 20,000 books and online resources for over 7,000 Baltimore City residents. We offer an excellent children's collection, and 75 magazines and newspapers. The library also provides public access to free WiFi and Internet-connected computers.

Bringing Our Community Back Together!

The Village Learning Place is a community library & neighborhood resource, and throughout COVID we have taken a community approach to care for one another. The VLP will continue COVID-19…

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Mission Moments

Max Marshall ¬¬–longtime volunteer in our LINK programs, began working with our kids when he was an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins. Fast forward 6 years and he is a Ph.D. candidate at that same institution and was happy to help when we asked if he would be willing to tutor one of our middle school students in math. When Max heard we had a 3D printer, he and Luis got right to work. They spent a day getting it going and printing a small articulated slug as a test. Since then, with trial and error, they’ve had much success with creating a DNA helix and now the two of them are designing a Bluetooth speaker. Additional students are interested in printing a phone stand and photo frame. We look forward to all future passion projects.

Kim Jolley - Teen Programs Coordinator


Mission Moments

"I have started teaching chess to several of the students in the 5th-grade class. Elena has really taken to the game and is constantly asking me to play. I asked Elena why she likes the game. She said she likes thinking ahead, planning sets of moves, and reacting to what the other player does. We played 3 games during the last 45 min of class yesterday and would have continued playing but for the fact that it was time for her to go home."

Daniel Wasse, 5th Grade Teacher


Mission Moments

We were working on the virtues of Friendliness and Gentleness. Eli was feeling upset, and DaMarcus talked to him, trying to help him feel better. It is amazing how the kids take to heart and apply what they are learning in our “Virtues of the Week”. We talked about how to practice being a friend to others and being gentle with oneself and others. They were enthusiastic about learning more about the virtues and how to practice and grow our Virtues Garden.

Noraleen Greenidge, Kindergarten Teacher

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