Ways to Give

Giving back to the Village Learning Place (VLP) is an investment in your community. Learn about all the different ways to give so you can choose which one is right for you.

The VLP is Celebrating 25 Years!

Support Our Annual Fund

At the Village Learning Place, we adapted quickly to support our community during the pandemic. Now, we’re using what we learned to transform our programs and services to benefit everyone we serve. Make a gift and join us on our journey.

Donate to support transformative solutions at the Village Learning Place.

Enroll in Monthly Giving

(Offer impact statements here? $10/month does this, $30/month does that, $100/month does that?)

Giving a monthly recurring gift allows your annual gift to impact the Village Learning Place across the entire year in an easy and automated way. Your contribution will be charged to your card each month, and you are able to cancel or change your gift at any time.

LINK College Fund

Invest in the future.

LINK College Fund 

The Facts:  


VLP would like to find a way to help families understand the importance of saving money for college and help them actually do so. Luckily, the State of Maryland created the Save4College program in 2017, providing an avenue to do just that.  

Our College Fund for LINK families: 

Most of our LINK families will qualify for the Save4College program. That means, for a $25 contribution, they will qualify for a $500 state contribution to the 529 College Savings account. All of the money goes directly to a savings account that can be used for any educational expenses that a student may have in the future.  

For every LINK student whose family opens a 529 Account in their name and enrolls in the Save4College program, VLP would like to contribute $25 annually. Doing so will make all those accounts eligible for the State Contribution.  

Additionally, VLP has established a college scholarship program for our graduating LINK Leaders to support their continuing education.  

The LINK College Fund will make money available for both 529 College Savings contributions and college scholarships for graduating seniors. This will be a yearly opportunity for all currently-enrolled LINK students and their families.  

Donate here to help give the gift of a college education.

Questions? Please contact Lina Hargadon, Director of Development, at lina.hargadon@villagelearningplace.org or call 410-235-2210, ext. 204.

Village Vanguard

The Village Vanguard is a select group of loyal and committed individuals who share an uncommon vision for the VLP’s great potential for growth. The name of this new group directly reflects its mission: to serve as the core of advanced philanthropy on behalf of the VLP.

Village Vanguard members support the VLP with an annual tax-deductible gift of $1,000 or more, many through monthly pledges. Participation as a member of the Village Vanguard will make a decided difference in the success of our future growth.

To schedule a tour and learn more about becoming a member of the Village Vanguard, please contact our Executive Director, Liesje Gantert, by email or at 410-235-2210, ext. 202.


Current Village Vanguard Members

Richard and Sandra Block

Jane Brown

Greg and Kristen Bowden

Elizabeth and Charles Bullamore

Robert and Janice Davis

Jennifer DiFrancesco and J.T. Paulk

Liesje and Neil Gantert

Jan and Gil French

Emily and Nathan Gould

Peggy Greenman

Valdone Kuciauskas and Ed Hargadon

Patricia and Carlton Harcarik

John Lessner and David Bergman

Paul and Margaret Nagle

Debra Mathews and Che Hale

Iesha Pankey

Francis Pluciennik and Mike Simon

Pete and Susan Powell

Bennett Rhodes

Brian and Barbara Sandberg

Val Seaberg

Sandy Sparks

Beth and David Tohn

Sue and Rich Walther 

Jerriann and Don Wilson

Dinah Winnick and Eli Pousson

Jean Zachariasiewicz and Jordan Steele


Corporate Matching

We appreciate companies, large and small, that encourage their teams to give back. We’d love to help set up a matching donation platform at your workplace. Contact our Director of Development, Lina Hargadon, to get started.

Working in partnership, we can climb to new heights.

Sponsor a Program

Sponsor field trips—$500 or $30

A recent study found that students who went on field trips showed an increased willingness to learn, greater cultural awareness, better collaboration, and higher grades after their travels. “Field trip Fridays” open LINK Summer students up to the benefits of travelling, and many students see the Chesapeake Bay for the first time with the Village Learning Place (VLP). Give LINK students the opportunity to explore sites like The National Aquarium and Port Discovery with a field trip sponsorship. A $500 sponsorship will provide one bus for a Friday field trip. A $30 sponsorship covers one student’s $5 field trip cost for all 6 summer expeditions.


Sponsor a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) service learning project—$200

Students in LINK After School often share that the STEM service learning project is their favorite activity of the year, and it’s easy to see why. Each class identifies an area of need in the community and uses STEM to pose solutions. The students decide which issue to tackle, how to address it, and are given a $200 budget to purchase materials to build their design. Help LINK students realize their power to create change with a $200 sponsorship of a STEM service learning project.


Sponsor classroom technology—$125

Digital resources are inevitable in the daily lives and futures of today’s youth. Kids and teens spend hours a day, on average, looking at screens mostly for entertainment purposes. With more technological resources, the VLP can teach students how to use digital resources as educational tools, and turn some of that daily screen time into career-building exploration. Support this goal with a $125 sponsorship of classroom technology.


Sponsor adult enrichment programs—$75

Many audience members at 2nd Wednesdays, the Village Learning Place’s monthly adult cultural program, are regular attendees. A 2016 study found that lifelong learners are 30% more likely to cite libraries* than the internet as their primary source of education. This may be why some 2nd Wednesdays attendees rarely miss a program! Music performances, historical re-enactments, food tastings, and political discussions are only a few of the activities you can bring to the library with a $75 sponsorship.


Sponsor garden supplies—$50

You don’t need a green thumb to help keep the Village Learning Place garden a beautiful green space for all to enjoy. A group of skilled volunteers comes once a month to weed, clean, and plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Their dedication created the space that the Baltimore Sun referred to as a “hidden little gem” in 2018. You can join the effort with a $50 sponsorship of garden supplies and equipment that will educate and delight everyone who strolls through.

Interested in volunteering in the garden? Email vlpnews@villagelearningplace.org to get involve


Sponsor art supplies—$30

Research shows that arts instruction boosts creativity, perseverance, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. Engaging in the arts improves outcomes for youth in school, work, and life, yet it’s often sidelined for academic instruction. The Village Learning Place believes self-expression is a pathway to empowerment and we are committed to holistic student development through exposure to the arts. A $30 sponsorship provides students with the materials they need to unleash their inner artist.

*Libraries and other locales, such as high schools and places of worship.


Sponsor a tots storytime book giveaway—$25

Some traditions are too good to let go of, even as libraries everywhere quickly adapt to meet 21st-Century learning needs. Storytimes are one of those timeless treasures. A child gains literacy education, a love for books, and social stimulation when an adult reads to them. Each week, families and caretakers of young children are invited to experience the joys of reading together during Tots Tuesday Storytimes at the Village Learning Place. A $25 sponsorship makes for an extra special Tots Tuesday by providing a free copy of the book for every young reader who attends.


In-Kind and Book Donations

Our Wishlist

  • Our book wishlists on Amazon.com
  • Residential refrigerator (Side by Side style preferred, but not necessary)
  • Commercial refrigerator
  • Digital camera
  • Anatex Six-sided Play Cube for library
  • 8.5×11 white paper (recycled preferred)
  • 8.5×11 bright colored cardstock (recycled preferred)
  • #10 mailing envelopes
  • Boxes of tissues
  • Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles (assortment)
  • Magnifying glasses – class set (20 qty)
  • Personal 8×10 white boards – class set (20 qty)
  • Puppets (book/fairytale characters; assorted)
  • Bristle blocks set
  • Magna tiles set
  • Playground balls, footballs, basketballs, soccer
  • Double dutch jump ropes
  • Bingo games (ex. Sight Word Bingo, Addition Bingo, etc.)
  • Lawn trimmer/edger, battery-operated
  • Portable CD player

Book Donation Policy

The Village Learning Place library gladly accepts book donations. Materials considered for the collection MUST:

  • Have been published or released within the last two years
  • Be in excellent condition
  • Be assessed by our staff as adding value to the library collection.

We regretfully cannot accept the following:

  • Past issues of magazines, including National Geographic
  • Coloring books or workbooks
  • Textbooks, atlases, or encyclopedias

We recommend donating other materials to The Book Thing or Baltimore Reads. These local non-profits provide books for free to all comers!

Thank you for helping us build a collection of high-quality books for the community!