Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month Around Baltimore

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Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month Around Baltimore

1. First Thursdays: Make and Mingle at the Walters Art Museum 

Make art and mingle in this drop-in program designed for adults to get creative and socialize. Create your own dragon keychain in celebration of this year’s zodiac animal and in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Month. Enjoy a glass of wine or coffee as you find and bring your inner dragon to life. 

2. Love Letters to Baltimore + the DMV 

APIMEDA (Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern and Desi American) artists based in Maryland, DC and Virginia creatively express their ideas of love and home, including the meaning of home, how they respond to the question, “Where are you from?” and more. Through research from AA&CC’s Greater Baltimore Asian Community History Project, this exhibit honors the Station North neighborhood’s ongoing transformation from a historic Koreatown to a diverse arts district.  

3.HAAPI TIMES: An Asian Comedy Showcase 

Come out and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by watching some of the best Asian comedians in Baltimore/DC area! This show will be headlined by Club favorite Umar Khan! 


On this tour, SE:UM will perform a concert titled “Korean Breath: Ten Thousand Waves” which includes music from their most recent album, Ten Thousand Waves. Recorded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album is based on the Korean folktale about the legendary bamboo pipe that saved the perilous world. 

5. Forest Haven: Trisha Gupta Solo Exhibition 

What happens when the treatment is worse than the disease? Trisha Gupta’s solo exhibition at Night Owl Gallery is a collection of research, documentation, and classification of 3 years of study centering around Forest Haven Asylum in Laurel, Maryland. 

6. Baltimore’s Kamayan Feast 

Gather around a communal table with friends, family and strangers alike to enjoy a combined Filipino Kamayan and Maryland crab feast. “Kamay” literally translates to “hand” in this traditional Filipino practice of eating with your hands. 

7. Koreatown & Lunch with NAAAP Baltimore 

Join us for a guided stroll around Baltimore’s first unofficial Koreatown. We will explore parts of Baltimore’s Charles North neighborhood and the Station North Arts & Entertainment District to discover an area several Korean-owned businesses and families have called home as early as the 1960s. 

8. The Set List – Live Music Series ft. Shonay K., SilverSity, and The Honest Thief 

Motor House celebrates the abundant musical creativity of Baltimore in this monthly music series called The SET LIST! Each month, enjoy the vibes and tunes of Baltimore’s most vibrant musical acts that feature artists who are diverse in terms of style and genre. Come groove with us! 

9. Baltimore AAPI Learning Community: A Visioning Session 

The Baltimore AAPI Learning Community, an emergent collaboration among Baltimore-based AAPI organizations, is committed to helping create stronger engagement between AAPI organizations and a deeper sense of place and belonging among AAPI folks in the Baltimore area. Come to our first visioning session, where we will chat in large and small groups about what it would take for AAPI individuals, organizations, and community to be seen, heard, and valued in Baltimore. 

10. Asia North 2024 Makers Market 

By us and for us from all over the Asian diaspora, the Asia North 2024 Makers Market highlights and showcases local APIMEDA artists/makers and their goods. Connect and resonate with others in a season of transition through community care, cultural work, and crafts. Goods featured include art prints, jewelry, pottery, home goods, and much more. Curated by WeiAnne Reidy. 



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