Positive Transformation


Positive Transformation

As we closed out our Fall Fitness classes, we were honored to have Nicole share her experience participating, connection to the community, and support of the VLP. 

Hello community, In the summer and fall of 2023, I experienced a positive transformation. Before I share my story, below is a little background information.   


{Impetus for participating in yoga and Dance2Fitness} 


My name is Nicole, I am 58 years-old, five foot and four inches, weigh approximately 120lbs, and my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are high. In January 2023, my primary physician recommended exercising 3-5x per week for an additional 30 minutes. Now, let me pause for a moment to provide you with some inside information…I have engaged in some form of exercise for the last 40 years, when and where was I going to find a new regiment of exercise to improve my health and well-being? 


{The journey begins…} 


 For several weeks, I conducted a deep-dive for various exercise classes. Many were intriguing and virtual; however, I required in-person, out-of-residence, and hands-on classes. The deep-dive continued for several more weeks.  Some may call it “divine intervention”, “happy coincidence”, or “serendipity”. I could select one or all the of the aforementioned circumstances, because one day, I received an email that directed me to the Village Learning Place, Inc (VLP), located in Baltimore, Maryland. And discovered that VLP was more than books. VLP has a plethora of programs, like yoga and Dance2Fitness. 


During the summer and fall 2023, I experienced a yoga flow that ranged from beginner-level to advanced yoga poses. From head to toe we utilized animal, fowl, and plant imitations, such as downward dog, cobra, eagle, tree, warrior, bridge, chair- twist poses, and any more, to achieve flexibility, balance, and strength. Our yoga instructor, Dee Satterfield, owner of Blissful Body Yoga, was phenomenal, funny, and full of energy. Dee provided clear instructions, yoga essentials (mats and blocks), and several methods/alternatives to achieve the same results (I believe these alternative techniques were probably utilized to eliminate any excuses and to challenge yourself). During yoga, I felt the tension and stiffness purge and my body became more flexible.


On Wednesdays, I participated in Dance2Fitness. The transition from Tuesday’s yoga to Wednesday’s fitness classes were super-fantastic, because yoga awakened all body parts and prepared me for this high-intensity class. The Dance2Fitness facilitator, Chinara Bruce and her marvelous assistants brought the fire, fun, and energy (I discovered that Chinara also facilitates fitness classes at XPF Studios, located in Baltimore, Maryland. These ladies are the real deal).  On any given Wednesday and for one hour, we did a combination of twists, turns, boxed, grapevine danced, squatted, lunged, engaged in sexy dance moves, kicked, and lifted arms, knees, and legs to flawless choreographed dance moves coupled with the sounds of Reggae, Latin, Hip-Hop, and pop music. I had a hella good time! 


{Balancing Career and Health} 


Now, you may remember that I provided a micro-bio about myself. Just to recall, at 58 years-old, I feel 38 years-old, my body is more flexible, stronger, and exuberant. More importantly, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels have significantly decreased (I hope you felt my smile as I wrote those words). And my overall health improved over an approximate 12-week period. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Village Learning Place, Inc., Blissful Body Yoga, and Dance2Fitness. 

{Share the Knowledge} 


Two last thoughts… 

  1. The yoga and Dance2Fitness classes were free, open to the public, and all ages and cross-generations were welcome. All I had to do was show-up and experience a mind and body transformation.  
  1. The Village Learning Place, Inc., is so much more than books, become a member and discover and network with people in and around the community, attend events, donate your time, and above all this, don’t keep this information to yourself…share the knowledge.  

See you around! 


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